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The Communing Tree



"Great story with so much interesting information about living in the wild. Super well researched and just an overall engaging and intriguing tale." - Reader



A light flashes in our direction, and we flatten on the ground. … I’m trembling uncontrollably in terror, but through my fear comes the instinct to run and hide. … I grab Kali and the dog and race back deep into the woods.


Sixteen-year-old Judith and her little sister, Kali, are the last of their survivalist family. For years they have lived hidden deep in  the Kalmiopsis Wilderness of southwestern Oregon, convinced that the end times were coming. When tragedy strikes, the girls escape their family’s killers, joining their grandmother at the family home.  When she too is gone, they live alone in the wilderness, fearful of being discovered. Judith cares for her little sister Kali, who, because of trauma, has stopped speaking. Alone, they struggle to survive in their isolated cabin, until a mysterious secretive visitor brings them aid. Will they discover who he is? Will they ever find a way to leave and return to the “outside,” as they think of it? Will they be alone forever?

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