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Books were always my lifeline

Books were always my lifeline, my connection with humanity.  I didn’t have access to many children’s books when I was growing up. There was an enthralling book of indian tales, which opened up the world of native Americans to me.  I read it to pieces and have been ever since fascinated by our native peoples’ stories.  I often imagined myself to be a native, living by my wits and knowledge of nature and the land.  I also had a book of Mother Goose rhymes.  I enjoyed the cadence and rhyming of the little poems.  But when I was about ten, our parents bought a set of Encyclopedia Britannica, which included a whole series of Junior edition classics.  There were simplified Shakespeare plays, Grimm’s Fairy Tales (which I found to be aptly named), didn’t like them much.  I read the whole set.  I fell in love with the Bronte sisters, and Edward Rice Burroughs. Later I was enthralled by the Biblical epic books that were popular in the fifties- Quo Vadis, The Robe, The Silver Chalice.  My reading was unguided and I was free to select whatever caught my interest.  The town librarian and I enjoyed each other’s company.    She kept an eye out for whatever might be my current interest. One thing I learned very young- if you have a good book, you are never bored.

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