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Oregon born

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

You can spend a lifetime exploring Oregon.  On the west there’s the gorgeous, moist, rugged coast,  and the sparsely inhabited coast range mountains. Central Oregon has its own beautiful mountains which give way to the high desert.  Again, the desert has its own kind of beauty, and creatures, and drier climate.  The eastern reaches have desert expanses and the Blue mountains,  all fantastic places to explore.  In the northeastern corner are the Wallowa Mountains, looking like Swiss Alps, with a beautiful, green valley and Wallowa Lake.  This is one of my favorite spots, and its breathtaking. The northern border is carved by the Columbia River, flowing through its fabulous gorge to the sea. 

      I could never live anywhere else.  Every part of the state has interesting nooks and crannies, waterfalls, lakes, streams and rivers, gorges, valleys and wide open spaces.  The moist western side gives way to the drier middle high deserts to the even drier eastern side, each with its own enchantments. 

If you grow up by the sea, it never leaves you.  I have to get away from the Tualatin Valley several times a year to restore myself at the beach.  Nothing soothes and mesmerizes like the waves on the seashore.  It’s usually  cold and windy, but I don’t care.  On the occasional days when it’s warm, it’s heavenly.  

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